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Bespoke Service

We here at Showing Classics have built up an enviable reputation for our excellent bespoke service.

Using our in house expertise to design and create whatever you, the customer desires, Showing Classics is able to make garments for many different occasions such as:-

  •     Lead Rein Classes
  •     Side Saddle Classes
  •     Disabled Riders
  •     Driving Classes
  •     Casual Garments
  •     Waistcoats
  •     Judges Outfits
  •     Tweed Themed Weddings
  •     …..and many more……..

We work on an appointment based system which allows us to sit with you in our workshops and go through exactly what you are after with no interruptions   We provide guidance with styles and fabrics and help mould your idea into the finished product.

To book an appointment then please contact us via telephone, e-mail or facebook.  Please ensure that you are familiar with our terms and conditions which require signing before a bespoke order is placed on our books.